Smartgotrendy is a company started out of passion to help those ready to shop and earn and
also those ready to build a network of other smart shoppers and get rewarded financially.
The CEO Mr. Cao Yuanling is a renowned entrepreneur who has been in business for more
than a decade.
We support your Wealth and Health” that is why our management have added referral program
to spread health and wealth across the globe.
Our goal is to be as the most successful online mall and manufacturer of health products.
Therefore, our task is to build upon our tradition of quality and value to deliver the best customer
experience in the markets we serve, We will do this by constantly and energetically seeking to
improve quality and productivity in everything we do. We will create value for our clients by
developing and delivering innovative and tailored solutions. We will do this by taking the
initiative to reach out to our clients, listening carefully to understand their needs, dedicating all of
our creative energies to find winning solutions and by delivering the full resources and strength
of our company to provide superb execution of those solutions.
Smartgotrendy knows that the customers are the core resource. To ensure continuity and
growth of its income, Smartgotrendy aim is to supply high quality and efficient service. We
undertakes to develop a relationship of trust and full partnership with its customers.
Smartgotrendy will deploy an absolute dedication to understanding and fulfilling commitment
with the appropriate mix of service, reliability products and reasonable price for each customer.
Quality is first. To achieve customer’s satisfaction, the quality of our products and services
must be priority. Continuous improvement is crucial for our success. We must strive for
excellence in everything we do, in our products, in their safety, value and our services, also our
human relations, our competitiveness and our profitability. We believe our commercial success
depends upon eximious quality and value to our consumers and customer’s support. We want to
provide them with products that are safe, wholesome, economically, Energy-saving,
Environmental Protection.
We must conduct our business affairs with the highest ethical standards and work diligently to
be a respected corporate citizen worldwide. We must adhere to the highest standards for the
safe operation of
our facilities and the protection of the environment. The management of our company must be
pursued in a manner that is socially, responsible and commands respect for integrity and for its
positive contributions to society. We support the principle of equal opportunity irrespective of
sex, race, color or creed.
718 unit 2 No 3000 Jindu Road Minhang District Shanghai China.